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Optional sessions - 6 & 7 June

NOTE: For optional sessions you need to pay the starting fee at the competition arena. Contact the Event Coordinator for further assist regarding the optional sessions including registration to the races!

OPTIONAL – Session #5 – Super-Sprint Relay Race

Race name: Centrum Team Sprint

Race link: Eventor: Centrum Teamsprint Länk till annan webbplats.

Distance: Super-Sprint Relay or individual Sprint (open courses)

Classes: Men, Women, Mix, Age-classes etc. and individual open courses – full information in the invitation in Eventor

Date & time: 6 June @ ~11.00-15.00

Place: Stockholm Urban area – more information TBA in Eventor

Starting Fee: ~30€ per team (payment at arena – registered before)

NOTE: Place for session #5 not officially yet, but it's going to be somewhere in the central Stockholm!

OPTIONAL – Session #6 – Sprint Race

Race name: Stockholm City Cup #3

Race link: Eventor: Stockholm City Cup #3 Länk till annan webbplats.

Distance: Sprint

Classes: MW21 & MW50 and open courses in different levels

Date & time: 7 June @ ~18.00-20.00

Place: Farsta Centrum – Southern Stockholm suburb area

Starting Fee: ~15€ (payment at arena – registered before)


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