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Bulletin for Training Package

The Bulletin for the Training Package, which will be held between 2-4 June 2023, are finally here. The organization committee are happy to offer you 4 training sessions in Northern Stockholm, not very far away from the competition areas during WDOC23 with sessions aiming to strengthen your orienteering skills in the very challenging terrains.

We, the organizing committee for WDOC23, would like to offer all participating countries, clubs, athletes & officials a great opportunity to experience orienteering in the northern Stockholm Forest and city as preparation for the upcoming World Deaf Orienteering Championships between 29th August – 5th September 2023.

The training package offers you 4 training sessions in relevant terrains which are going to give you a good insight of what kind of terrain that awaits in WDOC23. The sessions are also focusing on the technical aspects of different distances to give you a good opportunity to adjust and develop your technical knowledges in orienteering before WDOC23.

Beside of the trainings all participants also can except a great socializing atmosphere of Deaf Orienteers together!
The package is mainly focusing on participants of WDOC23 but participants of DMOWC23 are also welcome to participate in the training sessions, however the accommodation will be limited and if the limit are passed, we must prioritize WDOC participants.

You find all necessary information regarding the Training Package here: Training Package - WDOC23

Welcome to Stockholm 2-4 June!

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