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Swedish Deaf Sports Federation are arranging 5th World Deaf Orienteering Championship 2023!

During the past few days, the federation has received a formal approval from the International Committe of Sports for Deaf (ICSD) that we have received our application to organize the World Orienteering Championships in 2023 approved!

The federation would have organized the Orienteering European Championship in Köping in 2020, which was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic, we had no possibility to organize in the year 2021 and Lithuania therefore took over the event. Early on, the organizing committee for the European Championship directed the aim to arrange the Orienteering WC in 2023 instead, after a longer dialogue with both ICSD and the Stockholm Orienteering Association, we were finally able to submit a formal application, which has now been granted!

"We have worked for a long time to row this into port, there have been a couple of difficulties along the way, but we are finally done with the intermediate goal. Now we are working in the organizing committee with the next intermediate goal, to arrange a fantastic Orienteering WC." says Per Markström, president of the organizing committee

The championship will be held in Solna & Stockholm in which the forest distances are held within Solna while the Sprint distances are held in the southern part of Stockholm, just a stone's throw from the Globe area. The championship runs between 29 August - 5 September 2023, although the actual race days are 30-31 August (the sprint distances) and 2-4 September (the forest distances). At the same time as the WC, the JWC will also be held provided that the entries are received, in addition, the association arranges an open Veteran Cup for the classes MW40-MW70 which is not under ICSD auspices.

The World Championship will be the fifth in a row, never before has Sweden organized a WC but, on the other hand, a number of EC & NBC, so it will be a historic arrangement for the federation. The head director of Swedish Deaf Orienteering, Henrik Eklund, has been involved in organizing NBC Orienteering in Perstorp, which was a much smaller event, but his experience will mean a lot in this event. In addition to being part of the organizing committee, he also has a role as leader of the Swedish national orienteering team and he has high hopes for a Swedish success in the championship.

"Sweden is one of the world's largest orienteering nations, with many runners and associations, while at the same time we have the world's best national teams and fantastic orienteering terrains. NBC in 2018 was a great success, several nations appreciated the Swedish terrain. Now it is approved that Sweden once again will organize an international orienteering championship of the highest level and with a total of 5 races. It will be challenging but yet very exciting to be able to organize the championship in Solna & Stockholm. As leader I have high exceptations and aims to bring home at least one medal in WC, which are going to be a historic medal" says Henrik

The organizing committee is now working continuously with the arrangement together with ICSD and the Stockholm Orienteering Association as well as the orienteering clubs that organize the competitions, Attunda OK, Solna OK and IFK Enskede.

Note the dates 29 August - 5 September 2023 in the calendar and welcome to Solna & Stockholm!

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