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The Swedish Deaf Sports Federation, Svenska Dövidrottsförbundet (SDI), is the joint promotional and administrative body for all organized deaf sports in the Sweden.  It addresses common issues of its member leagues on both the national and the international level.  The National Swedish Deaf Sports Association was founded on November 6th 1913.

The SDI is the highest authority of regional deaf leagues and sports clubs, organized in regional Deaf Sports Divisions. At the Federation’s annual congress, fiscal guidelines and work objectives are set for the coming year. The SDI fees for each league and club is determined, based on the number of its members.  

Its membership in the Swedish Sports Confederation, RF and the Swedish Confederation of Sports Education, SISU requires integration and open contact with these organizations as well as with the outside world. The Swedish Confederation of Deaf Sports is a special category organization, which means it encompasses many different sports. It is like a miniature RF.

With the mandate of deaf athletes and spectators throughout the country, the SDI promotes the activity and growth of deaf sports in adherence with the objectives of each sport.

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